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Baby Teeth Nerve Therapy

Baby Teeth Nerve Therapy

In order to save a baby tooth from decay, your dentist can perform nerve therapy on the affected tooth. Nerve therapy involves removing the part of the nerve in the tooth that has become infected by tooth decay, then capping it with a stainless steel or a white porcelain crown.

You might wonder – if a baby tooth is going to fall out anyway, why save it? The answer is because if a baby tooth is lost too soon, it can no longer maintain the space for the secondary tooth that will come in its place. The teeth surrounding the space can shift, which can mean crooked teeth, a misaligned bite, or keeping the secondary tooth from erupting altogether.

Nerve Therapy Treatment

Depending on where the decay is located, the dentist will perform either a pulpotomy or a pulpectomy. A pulpotomy involves removing only the infected dental pulp from the crown of the tooth. A pulpetomy is required when both the tooth crown and the root have become infected, requiring all of the pulp and nerve tissue to be removed from the tooth.

The space from where the pulp/nerve tissue was removed is filled with a dental cement, then the dentist will place a stainless steel or white porcelain crown over the tooth to preserve it until it is ready to come out.

If you have questions about baby teeth nerve therapy, please call our office.